Name: Cocamidopropylamine oxide (CAO)

I. Product performance
1. It is good to low temperature stability of liquid washing products, and has favorable compatibility with other surfactants;
2. It is positive ion in acid system. It has favorable antistatic and smooth performance;
3. It is nonionic in alkalic system. it has favorable thickening, foaming and foam stabilizing properties.
万博体育网页手机投注 4. It can reduce irritation of other surfactants.

II. Technical index

Key indicators Index value
Appearance/25℃ colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Effective substance / (%) 30±1
PH value/ (1% aqueous solution)/25℃ 6.0~8.0
Free H2O2/ (%)≤ 0.3

III. Usage and dosage
The product can be widely used in shampoo, bath foam, liquid soap, and household detergent.
Recommended dosage: 2~6%
V. Packing:
万博体育网页手机投注 50kg or 200kg plastic drum.

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