Name: Coconut Monoethanol Amide(CMEA)

I. Product performance
1. Excellent thickening and foam stabilizing properties;
2. Good compatibility and favorable synergistic effect;
3. Excellent wetting, dirt-removal properties and hard water resistance;
4. Insoluble in water.

II. Technical index

Key indicators Index value
with glycerin without glycerin
Appearance/25℃ white to light yellow flaky solid
Methyl ester content (%)≤ 0 0.5
Melting point/ (℃) 65±5 70±5
Amine value/ (mgKOH/g)/≤ 20
PH value/ (1% neutral ethyl alcohol solution) 8.0~10.0

III. Usage and dosage
The product an be used in pearly shampoo, bath foam, liquid soap, laundry detergent, and soap as thickener, detergent, rheology regulator, etc.
Recommended dosage: 1~4%
V. Packing:
万博体育网页手机投注 25kg paper bag lined with plastic film.

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